CTS Publications

Degrading the Position of Federal Railroad Administrator

The heart of the matter : The 94% Delusion

Grade crossing safety: what insiders want and outsiders need

Grade-Crossing Safety Education : Hazards of Imbalanced Presentations,
or what operation lifesaver doesn't tell its audiences

Perspective on the Relevant Parameters of grade-Crossing issues

What Railroads Know When They Formulate Their Grade-Crossing Policies

increase in deaths at railroad crossings in 2004: An Anomaly or an Ominous Sign

an overview of the new york times series on railroad crossing safety

Our Call On It's Your Call

FRA’s New Action Plan To Improve Railroad-Crossing Safety: Same old, same old

FRA audit of cSX safety: A Missing Link

Private railroad grade crossings: Trends and lessons

public railroad grade crossings: Trends and lessons

Contemporary railroad Views On Grade-Crossing Safety: old and new myths

The case for railroad-Grade crossing gates

Railroad Claims’ Policies: a question of common decency

The latest disappointment of the federal Railroad Administration regarding Grade-Crossing Safety

The  Flattening  Accident  Rate: (Past) Time  For  A  Change  In  Enforcement?

The Dangerous Railroad Practice Of Blocking Grade Crossings

Ten Reasons Why The Railroad Industry Should Pay The Full Cost Of Installing Automated Gates At Their Grade Crossings

The Right Of Way At Railroad Crossings And The Ensuing Responsibility

The One-Sided, Counter-Productive Aspect of the Major Effort
To Educate Motorists About the Dangers of Railroad-Crossings

Downgrading Warning Devices at Ohio Railroad Crossings:
Concerns About Safety and More



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