The Towpath

Saturday, October 20, 2001

By: Brigette Barnes -- Towpath Writer

The Angels on Track Foundation -- a non-profit entity with the mission to provide funding and knowledge in support of improved protection devices at railroad crossings in Ohio -- has created an education subsidiary known as Crossing to Safety (CTS).

Directing CTS will be Dr. Harvey A. Levine, a transportation consultant with more than 34 years of experience in railroad matters, including railroad crossing policies, economics, and administration.

Under the mantra "bad crossings can kill good drivers," the goals of CTS are to:

* Change the current education practices, which among other inadequacies, blame victims for almost all railroad-crossing accidents.

* Develop a railroad-crossing, accident-causal data base which provides accurate data to support both education and safety-improvement programs.

* Heighten the sense of need and urgency among Ohio officials, to install automated gates at the more than 4,000 non-gated, public railroad crossings in the State.

* Revamp the "Railroad Grade Crossings" section of the Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws so that it is more appealing, effective and memorable.

"The need for CTS is an outgrowth of our experience in helping to fund the installation of crossing gates and working with individual counties throughout Ohio developing railroad safety task forces," said Canal Fulton resident Vicky Moore, who with her husband, Dennis, founded Angels on Track.

"We have found a public apathy that feeds ignorance and misinformation," she said.

"At the same time, we recognize that Ohio has in place a fairly comprehensive organizational structure which addresses railroad-crossing safety," Moore said. "In this regard, CTS has been initiated to supplement, rather than supplant, current education efforts. We are excited about attracting someone with the background, knowledge and national reputation of Dr. Levine to head CTS."

Vicky Moore also said that Dr. Levine has practical experience as a railroad employee, a transportation consultant, a public official with the Interstate Commerce Commission and U.S. Department of Transportation and also for 18 years he served as a vice president of the Association of American Railroads ö the railroad industry's major trade association.

He also has taught at the university level and has testified before numerous regulatory, judicial and legislative bodies, including the United States Congress.

Levine says he is joining The Angels on Track Foundation because, "it provides a forum to institute needed changes in railroad-crossing education which are patently obvious to those few people who have studied the system."

"In that Ohio seems to already have a head start over many other states in terms of its public involvement in railroad-crossing safety," he said, "I believe that with the changes CTS is advocating, Ohio can become a model for the rest of the nation."


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