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September 8, 2004


September 8, 2004 (Senate Concurrent Resolution 039)

Each year on September 8th, Ohioans are reminded of the dangers that exist at all railroad grade crossings. It’s also appropriate to remember those that have lost their lives needlessly to railroad tragedies in Ohio and across the country.

Thanks to the hard work of then State Senator Scott Oelslaeger, the 124th General Assembly, Ohio Senate, House of Representatives, unanimously approved SCR039 in 2002 to address railroad safety issues. The resolution addresses the fact Ohio has approximately 6,400 public railroad crossings, of which almost half are marked with only crossbuck signs. It acknowledges the combination of lights and automatic gates has proven to be 90 percent effective in preventing collisions between trains and vehicles, although only an estimated 20 percent of railroad crossings in the U.S. are protected with gates.

It’s meaningful to set aside September 8th to raise awareness and to recognize the importance of railroad crossing safety. Because Ohio traditionally ranks in the top 10 states each year for train/car accidents and fatalities, and even responsible drivers are faced with dangers while crossing railroad tracks, all the more reason for our local, county, and state officials to make sure all railroad crossings are clear of sight obstructions and protected with gates.

Trustee, Angels on Track Foundation/Crossing To Safety

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