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Dear [legislators name],

As a resident of Ohio, I am contacting you with my concerns regarding sight obstructions at/along railroad rights-of-way. Ohio Law (ORC4955.36) requires railroad companies to remove vegetation on railroad property 600 feet down the track, both directions, at public railroad crossings. Because the law also requires motorists to yield to oncoming trains, drivers must have the ability to look down the tracks without an obstructed view. Thousands of collisions occur each year across the United States due to sight obstructions at non-gated crossings. Most collisions result in death or serious injuries.

Ohio is fortunate to have a vegetation code. Unfortunately if the law isn’t strictly enforced by state agencies, and railroad companies continue to ignore their responsibility for public safety by not keeping their rights-of-way cleared, needless deaths and injuries will occur. It should be pointed out no federal code exists pertaining to vegetation sight clearances for public safety. All the more reason Ohio’s vegetation code needs to be enforced.

I respectfully request your attention into this matter. Ohio Law (ORC4955.36) should be rigidly enforced. ALL vegetation 600 feet down the track (both directions) on railroad rights-of-way should be cut, cleared, and removed to ground level. Fines of not less than $10,000 (per occurrence) should be imposed on railroads for noncompliance. Fines should stay in the county where the violation occurred to fund gate installations. Private crossings should also be included. Any attempt to lengthen deadlines for vegetation removal by railroad companies or extending deadlines for appeals, will result in needless loss of life.

I look forward to receiving your response to my valid concerns.


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