Make a Donation

Anyone wanting to contribute to The Angels On Track Foundation can send their donations (personal check or money order) to:

The Angels On Track Foundation®
8286 Clover Road, N.E.
Salineville, Ohio 43945

The life you save might be your own, or that of a loved one.

Donations of $25 or more will be sent an Angel Pin (pictured below) as a thank you for your support. Wear this Angel Pin often to remind you of the dangers that exist at ALL railroad grade crossings.

(Sample - each pin is different
because of design pattern used)

AOTF Static Window Stickers (illustrated below) are available for a donation of $5. One will be sent for each $5 of donation you make. Display these AOTF Static Window Stickers on your vehicle window to remind drivers of the dangers that exist at ALL railroad grade crossings.

AOTF Static Window Sticker
Actual Size 4" x 4" with CLEAR Background

Make a Gift of Appreciated Stock

(To encourage gifts of appreciated property and provide private support for the important work of The Angels on Track Foundation)

  • Your gift qualifies for a tax deduction based on the full market value of your stock
  • You avoid the capital gains tax that would arise from the sale of the stock
  • Earnings translate into funds that benefit specific goals of Angels on Track Foundation affecting Ohio communities
  • Stocks can be donated in your name, the name of your family, business, or in honor of any person or organization of your choice
  • You have a personal impact by directing your gift to a charitable cause you care about

For more information or to ask questions contact:

Matthew G. Wracher
Monsell, Wracher and Thomas
3057 West Market Street • Akron, OH 44333-3625
330-564-1700 • Toll free: 1-877-246-5223 • FAX: 330-564-1701

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